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When Your Medical Information Is Needed
License Allows It To Be Available!
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The Idea Behind ZLicense Is Simple!
On your best day filling out a hospital admission
form is difficult, on your worst day it's impossible!
We have gathered the admission forms of several hospitals and created a single comprehensive secure online master file.
Now people from all over the world can safely store and maintain the information needed by hospitals in advance.
ZLicense ensures that you or your loved ones can receive fast, accurate medical care upon entering any hospital in the world!
Medical Bracelet
No need to broadcast your illness or condition to the world!
A piece of paper is not secure and can be very difficult to locate when needed.
98% of People Cannot Provide The Accurate Medical Information
Needed By First Responders To Provide The Best Care Possible!
Firefighters have to make quick decisions. ZLicense provides them with the info they need!
ER Doctor
Doctors need correct accurate information to provide the best care! ZLicense can save lives!
Police Officer
ZLicense helps Police to quickly reach a person's contacts with information!
ZLicense increases the amount of immediate medical services EMTs can provide for people!
ZLicense Is a Must Have if Anyone You Care
About Has Any of The Following Conditions:
Diabetes COPD Allergic to Cephalosporins Organ Transplant Patient
Heart Patients Seizure Disorder Food Allergies People with Pacemakers
Heart Stents Epilepsy Peanut Allergy Hypothyroidism
Atrial Fibrillation Autism Tree Nut Allergy Adrenal Insufficiency
Mitral Valve Prolapse No MRI Gluton Intolerace On Multiple Medications
Arrhythmia Bee Sting Allergy Celiacs Disease Alzheimers
Hypertension Asthma Allergy to Penicillin Memory Impaired
Lympedema Alert On Blood Thinners Sulfa Allergy Manic Depressive
Organ Donor Von Willebrand's Morphine Allergy Schizophrenia
Cochlear Implant Hemophilia Hearing Impaired Allergy to Contrast Dye
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And Setup Your File
Everyone Should Carry A ZLicense!
It's so important to set up an emergency file for you and your family.
It's not a matter of if you will ever need the information you store in
your ZLicense file, it's a matter of when you will need
the information maintained in your file.
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We keep your information safe using industry-leading 256-bit SSL encryption.
Furthermore, your privacy and the safety of your information are extremely
important to us. We will never sell, rent, or share your information.
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