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How You Earn Income With Surveys
How You Earn Income With Retail
As a Ztegrity Affiliate you have 5 websites from which you can sell our products.  You will earn 50% profit on sells of our ZLicense, ZPet Tags, ZScholars and ZMe1Day products.  You will earn a 25% profit on your WiFi Cinema orders plus you will earn a residual income of $5 per month on your personal sales and $2 per month on sales made by an Affiliate you enrolled. See chart below.
Number of
Your Monthly
100 $2500 $500 $1200 $200
150 $3750 $750 $1800 $300
200 $5000 $1000 $2400 $400
250 $6250 $1250 $3000 $500
300 $7500 $1500 $3600 $600
Use our door hangers at apartment complexes to reach your potential customers.  We suggest putting out a few hundred a week.
How You Earn Income From Wholesale Purchases
As a Ztegrity Affiliate you have the ability to build a team of Affiliates to market just as you.  Each time any Affiliate on your team places a wholesale order with the company you are compensated when you have the status of VIP Affiliate.
You Earn Wholesale Income 5 Ways
#1 Fast Start Bonus - You earn a one time Fast Start Bonus of up to $50 of the initial plan purchased by someone you refer as well as any plan upgrades they make as an Affiliate.
#2 Override Bonus - You earn a one time Override Bonus of $10 of the initial plan purchased by someone who was referred by an affiliate you referred.
#3 Profit Sharing - Each Affiliate who joins is placed in a 3X10 Forced Matrix. You earn $1 on the initial wholesale purchase made by any affiliate in your matrix. You can have over 88,000 Affiliates in your matrix which means you can earn up to $88,000 in annual Profit Sharing Income.
#4 Matching Bonus - As each Affiliate you personally sponsor earns Profit Sharing you earn a Matching Bonus on their Profit Sharing income of up to 100%.
#5 VIP Bonus - Affiliates who make at least 1 wholesale purchase from the company for the month are considered Active VIP Affiliates.
VIP Profit Sharing
Affiliates purchase Credits for $50 each.  Credits are then used to order Retail Kits, Discount Coupons and our other products.   Each time an Affiliate joins your matrix or purchases credits you earn $1 as a VIP Affiliate.
VIP Matching Bonus
As a VIP Affiliate you also earn a Matching Bonus up to 50% on the Profit Sharing income earned the Affiliate you enroll.
Rank Bonus
Each VIP Affiliate in your matrix counts towards your Rank Bonus.
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