A Ztegrity Product
ZLicense for Doctors & Medical Centers
We customize our ZLicense delivery jackets and sleeves to contain
the information of the doctor or medical center distributing the product.
* Your patients will have their medical information with them at all times, even while traveling
* Your patients will have your contact information with them at all times as their physician
* Doctors earn a minimum of $5 each year the ZLicense renews, which allows you to also earn a great profit
* Doctors can sell the ZLicenses or give them away for free, the choice is yours
* Doctors can gain additional patients from people who also wish to have a ZLicense
* ZLicense is a much better promotional product for doctors than a refrigerator magnet
* ZLicense is much better than a business card because people won’t throw it away
* All information stored with ZLicense is encrypted and on HIPPA compliant servers
* The QR Code on the ZLicense allows for fast access to your patients information
* ZLicense is a 100% debt free company currently managing information for thousands
* All records and data is stored and mirrored on two servers for the best security
* ZLicense works regardless of which EHR, Patient Portal or paper records system your practice or hospital currently uses
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